Hello, My name is Johnny and I'm brand ambassador for LunchIn Asia and my friend Robert is country ambassador for the Philippines. LunchIn is a global social IRL meet up network https://www.facebook.com/LunchInNetworks https://www.lunchin.net/ We are having a LunchIn meet-up Tuesday, April 5, 12-01 PM and thinking to go to Southern Grind Bistro. We are usually up to 10-12 people. We have had online meetings now for 2 years so it's hard to know how many will show up now when we start doing IRL again. Do we need to make a reservation or do you have table enough so we can just show up? We have our IRL meetings once a month. Usually the same place. So if Southern Grind Bistro is a place we like we will probably return monthly. Our Philippine page & group https://www.facebook.com/LunchIn.Philippines https://www.facebook.com/groups/LunchIn.Philippine